School of Education

School of Education

Education Employment Liability Insurance Information

Education Employment Liability Insurance Information

If you are participating in a field experience or student teaching this semester, you must carry liability insurance, and the IU Northwest School of Education must have proof of that insurance.

You must provide proof of insurance to the Director Student Teaching and Field Experiences if you are student teaching and to your field instructor if you are in a field experience course.

Deadlines Insurance must be submitted by:

Student Teaching

Field Experiences

Fall – August 15th

Fall – August 31st

Spring – January 1st

Spring – January 15th

You can provide proof of insurance through the following options:

  1. A letter from insurance agent on company letterhead with policy number stating that you are insured for educational liability insurance with dates of coverage and policy of up to $1,000,000.
  2. Receipt of membership in any professional organization that includes professional liability insurance.
  3. Receipt of membership in ISEA ( -- ISEA Education Employment Insurance applies to situations that take place in the field. -- Liability insurance covers all students in field assignments and student teaching.   Educators, including pre-service students, are covered with the insurance while engaged in educational employment activities.  It covers the following: educator’s liability reimbursement of attorney fees for defense of a criminal proceeding, bail bond reimbursement of attorney fees for defense of a criminal proceeding, and/or bail bond assault-related personal property damage legal advice (you get a variety of other benefits as well).  Membership runs Sept. 1-Aug. 31.