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Secondary Education - Initial Program Major

Academic Features:
Indiana University Northwest offers an initial program major in secondary education. Successful completion of this program prepares secondary teachers to teach in middle and high school settings. The Secondary Education program is rooted in a conceptual model that promotes the development of a Reflective Professional (Agents of Change). Designed and approved by the education faculty, this model shapes the professional preparation of beginning teachers the following areas: a) communication skills, b) higher-order thinking, c) instructional technology, d) learning and development, e) culture and diversity, f) design and delivery, g) classroom management, h) assessment and evaluation, and i) professional development.

Course Requirements:
Students seeking secondary licensure will choose a major in English/Language Arts, Math, Science, or Social Studies. Each major has required content area courses as published in the Indiana University Bulletin. Note that the Social Studies major will require two supporting areas to complete secondary licensure requirements.

Checklists for Programs
English/Language Arts
BS/MS Math
Social Studies
K-12 Visual Arts

Program Information And Faculty Advisement:
The person to contact in the School of Education about information on this program major is the Academic Advisor, Ms. Kelly Zieba at 980-6510. This person will initially advise you on what courses are to be taken as the student enters the first semesters of the program. A faculty advisor will then be assigned to direct and mentor the student through graduation. All faculty working in this program have terminal degrees and extensive experience in working in middle and secondary schools.

Accreditation Features:
Indiana University Northwest Division of Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teaching Education and the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The Indiana Professional Standards Board has also approved all Division programs for licensure purposes.

Career Options:
Career options for secondary education graduates are dramatically improving in northwest Indiana and predict to provide good employment prospects into the future. Many secondary classroom teachers who are teaching currently are nearing retirement age. This will certainly create an increased need for new teachers to replace them. Note also that teachers with additional training in endorsement areas also are in greater demand in the job place.