School of Education

School of Education

Initial Programs Dispositions


The SOE is committed to the values of academic integrity in teacher preparation. You are expected to consign yourself to each of the following dispositions throughout this semester in your classroom participation, projects, and assessment activities:

Access assessment procedures, behavioral examples, conceptual framework mapping, and more - Here

Professional Teaching Dispositions

 The successful Candidate:

  1. Attends regularly, is punctual, has a professional appearance, and conducts him or herself professionally with students, peers, parents, and all P-12 and University personnel.
  2. Uses knowledge of students’ family and community to connect learning to the students’ world.
  3. Believes all students can learn and differentiates instruction so that all students do learn.
  4. Aligns instruction with state and professional standards.
  5. Organizes instruction to engage students in active learning.
  6. Expresses ideas clearly and appropriately both verbally and in writing.
  7. Uses multiple teaching approaches and technology.
  8. Uses positive approaches to teach students’ self-discipline and responsibility; treats all students with respect and care.
  9. Treats all people fairly, equitably, and with dignity and respect.
  10. Cooperates in the classroom and throughout the school and community.
  11. Monitors students’ progress carefully, regularly, and in multiple ways, and reports that progress clearly and systematically, while making needed adjustments.
  12. Demonstrates commitment to teaching by receiving and acting upon constructive criticism.