School of Education

School of Education

B.S. in Secondary and K-12 Visual Arts Education

B.S. in Secondary

Course Requirements:
Students seeking secondary licensure will choose a major in English/Language Arts, Math, Science, or Social Studies. Each major has required content area courses as published in the Indiana University Bulletin. Note that the Social Studies major will require two supporting areas to complete secondary licensure requirements.

Checklists for Programs
English/Language Arts
K-12 Visual Arts
BS/MS Math
Social Studies

Educational Foundation Courses

  • EDUC F200 Examining Self as Teacher (3 cr.)
  • EDUC W200 Using Computers in Education (3 cr).
  • EDUC P250 Educational Psychology (3 cr.)
  • EDUC K205 Introduction to Exceptional Children (3 cr.)
  • EDUC H340 Education and American Culture (3 cr.)

Total (15 cr.)

K-12 Visual Arts Education

The visual arts education program is similar to the secondary education program. The general education requirements are identical although visual arts majors are required to take FINA F100 and FINA F101 for their fine arts requirements. The pre-professional education requirements are identical to those described previously.

In the Teacher Education Program, students must take EDUC K343 Education of the Socially and Emotionally Disturbed I (3 cr.) and EDUC K344 Education of the Socially and Emotionally Disturbed II (3 cr.). As their methods courses in Blocks 2 and 3, respectively, students must take EDUC M330 Foundations of Art Education and Methods I (3 cr.) and EDUC M430 Foundations of Art Education and Methods II (3 cr.). Field experiences will be in elementary, middle, and high schools. Student teaching requirement is EDUC M425 Student Teaching: Elementary (8 cr.) and EDUC M480 Student Teaching in the Secondary School (8 cr.).

Visual Arts Majors Requirement (42 cr.)

  • Foundations (9 cr.)
    • FINA A101 Ancient and Medieval Art (3 cr.)
    • FINA A102 Renaissance through Modern Art (3 cr.)
    • FINA F102 Fundamental Studio-2D (3 cr.)
  • Studio Courses (18 cr.)
    • FINA S200 Drawing I (3 cr.)
    • FINA S230 Painting I (3 cr.)
    • FINA S240 Basic Printmaking Media (3 cr.)
    • FINA S250 Graphic Design I (3 cr.)
    • FINA S260 Ceramics I (3 cr.)
    • FINA S270 Sculpture I (3 cr.)
  • Breadth and Depth (15 cr.)
    • FINA A342 Twentieth Century Art (3 cr.)
    • Non-Western art elective (3 cr.)
    • Computer graphics elective (3 cr.)
    • 3 upper-level studio courses (9 cr.)

Total (42 cr.)

For more information, visit the Education page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.