School of Education

School of Education

Initial Degrees & Programs

Initial Programs

Degree Requirements

  • Regular matriculation requirements of the university.
  • Admission to the Teacher Education Program.
  • Admission to the Student Teaching Program.
  • A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5.
  • Successful completion of 35 credit hours of junior- and senior-level courses (300 level courses or higher).
  • Successful completion of at least 30 of the last 60 credit hours of academic work, including the teaching methods courses, in residence at IU Northwest preceding admission to student teaching.
  • Successful completion of at least 120 credit hours of appropriately distributed academic credit hours within seven calendar years of the intended date of receipt of the degree. Any work completed seven or more calendar years prior to that date will be subject to review to determine its acceptability toward the degree. Methods courses three or more calendar years old and student teaching two or more years old will also be subject to review.
  • Successful completion of all required courses and a grade of C or better in all education courses and all teaching subject courses.
  • Successful completion of all program checkpoint requirements.
  • Demonstration of specific knowledge, performances, and dispositions as required by the Indiana Division of Professional Standards.