Dental Education

Dental Education

Local Anesthesia and Pain Control for the Dental Hygienist in the Community

Local Anesthesia and Pain Control for the Dental Hygienist in the Community

Course Description 

The Indiana State Board of Dentistry recently added the administration of local anesthetics as a permitted function of a trained Dental Hygienist.  This course will provide the required didactic and laboratory requirements for certification as set forth by the Indiana Dental Board.  It will include 15 hours of didactic and 14 hours of laboratory instruction.  Dental hygienist will be required to be present on site for the entire 29 hours.  Upon completion of the course the student will be eligible to sit for the anesthesia portion of the North East Regional Board (NERB) examination, a secondary requirement in applying for an Indiana Local Anesthesia Permit.  This course is recommended for currently licensed dental hygienists.  Continuing education credits will be granted.

Included in the course will be concepts and experiences in:

(1) theory of pain control

(2) selection of pain control modalities

(3) anatomy

(4) neurophysiology

(5) pharmacology of local anesthetics

(6) pharmacology of vasoconstrictors

(7) psychological aspects of pain control

(8) systemic complications

(9) techniques of maxillary and mandibular anesthesia

(10) infection control

(11) local anesthesia medical emergencies

*Participants will act as live patients.  A complete medical history will be mandatory.*


The entire course will be conducted in the Dunes Medical/Professional Building, Second Floor – Room 2074, Indiana University Northwest, 3400 Broadway Street, Gary, IN 46408.

*A parking pass is not necessary (park in student lot on 33rd Avenue).*

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Local Anesthesia

Indiana Dental Law 828 IC 25-13-1-10.6 Administration of Local Dental Anesthetics by Dental Hygienists states:

Sec. 10.6   (a) A licensed dental hygienist may administer local dental anesthetics under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist under IC25-14 if the dental hygienist has:

             &#160 ;     (1) completed board approved educational requirements, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency care training; and

             &#160 ;     (2) received a board issued dental hygiene anesthetic permit .

             &#160 ;  (b) Local dental anesthetics do not include nitrous oxide or similar analgesics .

Course Format

The course meets on four (4) sessions which are necessary to fulfill Indiana State requirements from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. The course includes text book, printed materials, certification documents and laboratory supplies.  A minimum number of students are necessary to offer the course.  A refund can be expected if the course is cancelled or if capacity has been reached for requested offering.  Sessions cannot be split between course offerings.

Course Instructors

Christopher Gall, DDS

Indiana University Northwest

Adjunct Faculty

Steven Holm, DDS

Indiana University Northwest

Adjunct Faculty

For More Information Contact:

Juanita Robinson

Dental Hygiene

Program Director

3400 Broadway Street

Gary, IN 46408

(219) 980-6734