Community-Based Engagements and Outreach Programs

Other Outreach Programs

Community-based Engagements and Other Outreach Programs  

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African American Achievers Youth Corp., Inc.

A faculty member of the School of Education serves as the Board Chairman of this organization. The School of Education sponsors on-campus summer events for student members of this group.

Assessment Center

The School created an AACSB award-winning Assessment Center, which utilizes a series of exercises to assess student development on the 12 dimensions of management. The Center uses local business executives to evaluate the student’s skill level and knowledge on each dimension and incorporates external review into the assessment process. This Center provides skill development exercises to assist students and an interface both for the students and the School with the NWI employers and businesses.

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Business Advisory Board

The School has developed an active, 25-member Business Advisory Board to provide an effective interface with the business community and an organized way of gathering feedback from the business community on the Mission and the Strategic Plan. The School and the Business Advisory Board partnered to create the Business Alliance, which hosts a significant business speaker event that is sponsored by local employers each year and attended by more than 200 people. The Business Advisory Board also offers the School financial support, networking opportunities and job opportunities for students who are seated at employer tables.

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Calumet Regional Science Fair

The Calumet Regional Science Fair invites student scientists from 22 Lake County schools to the IU Northwest campus to demonstrate their science and engineering expertise. The fair is divided into three main divisions consisting of the elementary, junior and senior divisions. Each division is then subdivided into eighteen categories, including: animal science, social and behavior science, biochemistry, chemistry, cellular biology, computer science, electrical engineering, earth and space science, environmental analysis, environmental management, energy and transportation, bio-engineering, math, medicine and health science microbiology, physics and astronomy, team, and plant science. Students demonstrate their expertise in hopes of advancing to the Statewide Science Fair.

Center for Economic Education

More than 30 K-12 teachers receive graduate-level instruction each year from the Center for Economic Education, accredited by the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE), and which provides programs for local students in grades 6 through 12 on the local economic conditions and workshops for service-area educators. The Center serves close to 150 K-12 teachers annually.

Center for Management Development

Client businesses, governmental agencies and not-for-profit organizations are served by the Center for Management Development, which provides management consulting using the School’s faculty and staff for 10 new local and national businesses each year. The Center allows faculty to apply their expertise to local and national business issues through hands-on consulting experiences.

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Dental Clinic

Community members receive basic, low-cost dental services provided by dental students under faculty supervision. Diversity Library

A compilation of research and pedagogical materials for use by faculty, students and community constituents. This effort is collaboration between Office of Diversity Programming, the campus library, and Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).

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Local teams, comprised of students from Northwest Indiana elementary and middle schools, participate in this competitive event. At these events students are involved with using science and technology to solve various real-world challenges. More than 30 teams, comprised of students from schools around the area, compete at IU Northwest. Each team will compete for one of nine spots to advance their team to the Indiana Championship Tournament.

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Kids College

This affordable and educational summer program gives local students age 13 and under access to fun summer learning programs.

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Indiana University Northwest is proud to launch the One Book…One Campus…One Community reading initiative, in which the campus community will consider and reflect upon the themes, messages and learning points of one book for a selected period of time.

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Service Learning for Educators

The School of Education brings nationally renowned teaching experts to campus to participate in public programs for the region’s teachers.  

Small Business Institute

Students in the required capstone class, under the supervision of business faculty, provide general business analysis, valued at over $10,000, to a client business through the Small Business Institute (SBI). This program has served more than 125 local businesses during the past 10 years.

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Urban Teacher Education Program

Northwest Indiana’s only UTEP program prepares students to teach urban students and works directly with local school districts to place those student teachers where they are most needed.

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Center for Urban and Regional Excellence  

The Center for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) at Indiana University Northwest engages the University and the community in the creation of positive, sustainable and impactful programs and initiatives.  CURE works collaboratively with organizations in all sectors to promote continued learning, solution-based interaction and mutually-beneficial partnerships in our communities.  

Please browse our web pages for more information about our partnership in the community, programs and events. Contact our staff to learn more about ways the center can work with your organization to drive positive change.