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Indiana University Northwest
College of Arts and Sciences
O.A.R. Outreach, Activities, Renovation

In 2011 O.A.R. was established as a budgetary source to help departments in the College of Arts and Sciences meet the costs associated with projects with innovative ideas. In addition O.A.R. funds are intended to help departments with projects that address the recruitment and retention of students. O.A.R. will help support projects in Outreach (involving the community), Activities (conferences, transportation etc.) and Renovation (facilities and minor reconstruction). The funding is limited and the projects must clearly explain how the funding will be used in the effort to retain or recruit students. Moreover, the funding is not intended to take the place of projects that are normally funded through more conventional means. O.A.R. projects are funded only if they are high priority for the department and for that reason the college will ask the department to agree to fund some fraction of the cost; normally about 20%. Generally, O.A.R. will not pay for food or pay speaker costs.

Suggestion: If you are interested in submitting an OAR funding request it is recommended that you contact the Business Manager,, first to discuss the request and if OAR funding is an appropriate source for the project as well as proper documentation for the request.

Procedure for submitting an O.A.R. funding request.

  1. Click on the OARForm link.
  2. All fields in the form can be filled in online.
  3. When complete the form can be submitted in one of two ways:

Submission by Campus Mail:

  • After filling the form online save it to your local drive.
  • Print the form
  • Both the chair and the applicant should sign the printed form.
  • Send the completed form together with supporting documentation via campus mail or email to the Business Manager in COAS, .

After submission:

Once submitted the Business manager will route the request. The department will be contacted if any additional information is needed. A reply with a decision will, under most circumstances, be communicated within a two-week period after reception of the request by the Business Manager.

Note: Please note that all submissions should include an itemized budget as well as official quotes for services rendered or products. Also use a separate sheet to clearly explain how the funds will be used. Clarity of purpose is important to receive any funding