Articles are published in refereed journals

William Allegrezza, Department of  English, Lecturer

Companion to Charles Bernstein.  Salt Publishing, UK, forthcoming.

Fragile Replacements.  San Francisco: Meritage Press, forthcoming, 2007.

Collective Instant.  Otoliths Press, Rockhampton, Australia, 2008.

Viento en Vela (Mexico City, Translator—Rebeka Lembo, 2008).

The City Visible: Chicago Poetry for the New Century. Co-ed., Raymond Bianchi. Cracked Slab Books, 2007.

Filament Sense (Chapbook). Ypolita Press, San Francisco, CA, 2007.

In the Weaver’s Valley.  West Hartford, Ct: Blue Lion Books, 2006.

Ishmael Among the Bushes.  Schaffhausen, Switzerland: Dusie, 2006.

“Space in The Cantos:  Ezra Pound’s Negotiation of Epic Space through Dante.”  Forthcoming in Make up on Empty Space, ed. Michael Antonucci. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Over thirty poems published in the following journals during 2005/2006: Big Bridge, Milk Magazine, LuzMag, Seven Corners, Disaster, Factorial, Otoliths, No Tell Motel, and Kulture Vulture.

Translations of his poetry were published in Narcissus Works (Italy, 2006), translator Anny Ballardini, and G A M M ::: (Italy, 2006), translator Gherardo Bortolotti. 


Kathy Arfken, Department:  Performing Arts, Associate Professor

Odin’s Horse (original production), scenic design, Infamous Commonwealth Theatre, Chicago (2008)

Charlotte’s Web, scenic and lighting design, Theatre Northwest (2008)

On The Verge, scenic design, Theatre Northwest (2007)

Fashion: or Life in New York, scenic and lighting design, Theatre Northwest (2007)

Permanent Collection, scenic design, Theatre Northwest (2006)

Clown’s Play, scenic design, Theatre Northwest (2006)


Peter Avis, Biology Department, Assistant Professor

Avis P.G., G.M. Mueller and J. Lussenhop.2008. Ectomycorrhizal fungal communities in two North American oak forests respond to nitrogen addition.  New Phytologist 179:472-483.

Avis P.G., Foster S. and Olexia P.D. 2008 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal root colonization and inoculum propagules in deciduous flooplain forests of southwestern Michigan, USA.  The Michigan Botanist 46:121-128.

Avis P.G., I.A. Dickie, and G.M. Mueller. 2006. A “dirty” business: Testing thelimitations of terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (TRFLP)analysis of soil fungi. Molecular Ecology 15:873-882.


Anne Balay, Department of English, Assistant Professor

Review of Textual Contraception, by Beth Widemar Capo. Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, 2008 Fall 27(2).

“Incloseto Putbacko”: Queerness in Adolescent Fantasy Fiction.  Robin A. Reid and Jess Battis, Eds.  Queering the Fantastic.  Forthcoming.


Alan P. Barr, Department of English, Professor

“From Under the Shadow of Eugene O’Neill’s Elms: Halldór Laxness’s Independent People and the Encompassing Hardness.” Scandinavica 47 (2008), 31-46.

“Matters of Class and the Middle Class Artist in David Copperfield.” Dickens Studies Annual 38 (2007), 55-67.

“Mourning Becomes David; Loss and the Victorian Restoration of Young Copperfield.” Dickens Quarterly 24 (2007), 63-77

Modern Anglophone Drama by Women, ed.  N. Y.: Peter Lang, 2007.


Jonathyne Briggs, Department: History and Philosophy, Assistant Professor

“The Pot Head Pixies: Drug Utopias in the Music of Gong, 1969-1974.” Social History of Alcohol and Drugs 23:1 (Fall 2008), 6-23.


Patricia P. Buckler, Department of English, Associate Professor

“Teaching International Detective Fiction.” Murder 101: Essays on the Teaching of Detective Fiction. Ed., Edward J. Rielly. Jefferson, NC, McFarland, 2009. Pp. 25-37.

“Taking Edwin to Lunch: Developing the Female Hard Boiled Detective in the Early Sharon McCone Novels.” Marcia Muller and the Female Private Eye.  Eds., Alexander N. Howe and Christine A. Jackson. Jeferson. NC:McFarland, 2008.  Pp. 69-78.

The Scrapbook in American Life. Eds., Susan Tucker, Katherine Ott, and Patricia Buckler. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2006.

“Scrapbook,” American Icons, vol. 3. Eds., Susan Hall & Dennis Hall. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2006. Pp. 621-627.

“An Introduction to the History of  Scrapbooks,” co-authored with Ott & Tucker. The Scrapbook in American Life.  Ed. Susan Tucker, Katherine Ott, and Patricia Buckler.  Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2006. Pp. 1-25.

“Letters, Scrapbooks, and History Books: A Personalized Version of the Mexican War.” The Scrapbook in American Life.  Ed. Susan Tucker, Katherine Ott, & Patricia Buckler.  Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2006. Pp. 60-69.


Carol L. Castaneda (Vanderlugt), Department of Biology, Associate Professor

Castaneda C and LaPointe MS:  "Development of Therapeutic Agents."   Ed., Rose, Jonathan T., Gold
Standard" Animal Models
.  Wiley Press (forthcoming).


Fred Chary, Department of History and Philosophy, Professor Emeritus

"Boris III, Tsar of the Bulgarians." Balkan Strongmen: Dictators and Authoritarian Rulers of Southeast Europe, ed., Bernd J Fischer. West Lafayette, Ind. : Purdue University Press, 2007.  Pp. 119-140.


Nelson De Leon, Department of  Chemistry, Associate Professor

“Aerodynamic simulation of Indoor Flight.” European Journal of Physics 28 (2007), 255-265.

De Leon, N. and J.R. Morris, "Reflection and Transmission at Dimensional Boundaries." Physical Review D 74, 045033 (2006) [hep-th/0608113].


Gianluca Di Muzio, Department of Philosophy, Assistant Professor

“Aristotle’s Alleged Moral Determinism in the Nicomachean Ethics.” Journal of Philosophical Research 33 (2008), 19-32.

“The Problem of Divine Inefficiency,” Think 17/18 (2008), 75-83.

“Epicurus’ Emergent Atomism.” Philo 10 (2007), 1-11.

“Theism and the Meaning of Life.” Ars Disputandi 6 (2006). On the Web at

“The Immorality of Horror Films.” International Journal of Applied Philosophy 20 (2006): 277-294.


William J. Dorin, Department of CIS, Professor

Shelly, Cashman, Woods, and William J. Dorin. HTML Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques, Fifth Edition.  Publisher: Course Technology, Shelly Cashman  Series, 2008. Boston, MA

Shelly, Cashman, Woods, and William J. Dorin. HTML Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques, Fourth Edition.  Publisher: Course Technology, Shelly Cashman  Series, 2007. Boston, MA


Tanice G. Foltz, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Associate Professor of Sociology, Adjunct Associate Professor of Women’s Studies

“Contemporary Women Drummers and Social Action: Focus on Community Service.The South Shore Journal  1 (2006), 56-68.

“A Drumming and Re-enchantment: Creating Spiritual Communit.” L. Hume and K. McPhillips, eds., Popular Spiritualities: The Politics of Contemporary Enchantment.  Ashgate Publishing: Aldershot, Hampshire, U.K., 2006. Pp. 131-43.


Charles P. Gallmeier, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Professor

"From Father Knows Best to Will and Grace:  Using Television Situation Comedies to Teach Sociology of the Family."  The Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Volume 13 Issue 2  Special Issue on Teaching (Spring) 2009 In Press.


Adrian M. Garcia, Department of Modern Languages, Associate Professor

“Autonomous Women in a Drawer: Carmen Martín Gaite’s La hermana pequeña.” Hispania 92.1 (2009): 37-45.


Neil Goodman, Fine Arts, Professor

“Near & Far," Perimeter, Chicago, IL (2008)

“Neil Goodman Sculpture with the Urban Landscape,Sears Tower, Chicago, IL (2008)

“Portals & Passages,” Indiana State Museum - NI Source Gallery,  Indianapolis, IN (2006)

“Chicago Artists Month: Neil Goodman & Vera Klement," U.S. Equities, Chicago, IL         (2008)

Seven Sculptors,” Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, IL (2008)

 “TH!NK ART,” Bridge Art Fair, Miami, FL (2007)

“Natural Inclinations,” Christopher Art Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL (2007)

“Art Works Chicago,” Metropolitan Capital Bank, Chicago,IL (2007)

“Sculpture Invasion,” Koehnline Museum of Art, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL (2007)

“Art Works,” Metropolitan Capital Bank, Chicago, IL (2007)

“Art Chicago,” Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL (2007)

“The Exquisite Snake,” Mary  & Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University,    Evanston, IL (2007)

Neil Goodman/Toshiko Takaezo, Perimeter Galler, Chicago, IL (2006)

Gordon Powell/Neil Goodman, Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, IL (2006)

“Columbus Sculpture Invitational,” Columbus, IN (2006)


Iztok Hozo, Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science, Professor

Hozo I, Schell MJ, Djulbegovic B. Decision-making when data and inferences are not conclusive: risk-benefit and acceptable regret approach. Semin Hematol 2008;45:50-159.

Hozo I, Djulbegovic B, "When is diagnostic testing inappropriate or irrational? Acceptable regret approach", Med Decis Making 2008;28:540-553.

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Stem Cell Trialists Group. "Individual patient data meta-analysis of allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplant vs. bone marrow transplant in the management of hematological malignancies: indirect assessment of the effect of day 11 methotrexate administration." Bone Marrow Transplant (2006); 38:539-546.


Kevin Kennedy, Department of Biology, Lecturer

Karpus WJ, Kennedy KJ, Fife BT, Bennett JL, Dal Canto MC, Kunkel SL, Lukacs NW. (2006). "Anti-CCL2 treatment inhibits Theiler’s marine encephalomyelitis virus-induced demyelinating disease." Journal of Neurovirology  Volume 12, Number 4, pp. 251-261.


Vesna Kilibarda, Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science, Associate Professor

D. A. Jackson , V. Kilibarda,  “Ends for Monoids and Semigroups.” J. Aust. Math. Soc. 0 (2008), 1–27.  Forthcoming.

V. Kilibarda, “Bungee Jumping and Murder Investigations using Maple and Oncourse in Differential Equations Class.” Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Pearson, 2008, 123-128. Forthcoming.


Zoran Kilibarda, Department of  Geosciences, Associate Professor

Čadjenović, D., Kilibarda, Z., Radulović, N., 2008. Late Triassic to Late Jurassic evolution of the Adriatic Carbonate Platform and Budva Basin, Southern Montenegro. Sedimentary Geology, 204: 1-17.

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Kilibarda, Z., Doffin, J., 2007. Mudcracks, bird’s-eye, and anhydrite in intertidal/supratidal Late Silurian Kokomo Limestone, Indiana. Proceedings of Indiana Academy of Science, 116: 1-10.


Adrienne Kochman, Department of Fine Arts, Assistant Professor

‘Parallel Narratives: Construction of National Art Histories in Central Europe’, Centropa, co-ed., Anna Brzyski, submissions on Poland (Brzyski), Lithuania (Lauckaite), Germany-Russia (Kochman-see below), Scandinavia (Facos), Hungary (Sarmany) and the Czech Republic (Filipova). Vol. VIII, no.3 (Sept.) 2008.

"Fitting Russian Art into the Western European Canon: Igor Grabar's Answer to Richard Muther in the Article 'Zwei Jahrhunderte Russische Kunst.'" Parallel Narratives: Construction of National Histories in Central Europe.  Centropa. 8:3 (2008), 244-56.

“The Role of Ukrainian Museums in the United States Diaspora in Nationalising Ukrainian Identity,” Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, Vol. 8, issue 2, 2008:207-229.

Ambiguities of Place: Identity and Reminiscence in Marianne Werefkin’s Return Home c. 1909” Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, online journal, Spring 2006 [posted on 15 March 2006].

Review of “Living Modern: German and Austrian Art and Design, 1890-1933’, Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, June 7 – September 16, 2007, online journal, posted 25 Sept. 2007 at

 Review of Galka E. Scheyer & The Blue Four: Correspondence 1924-1945 by Isabel Wünsche, ed. and trans. (Benteli Verlag (Walbern/Bern). 2006) for Centropa , 8, no.1, Jan. 2008

"The Permanent Collection," Essay to the catalogue, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art: Permanent Collection, (Chicago: Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, 2009 forthcoming) - refereed


Michael S. LaPointe, Department of Biology, Assistant Professor

Castaneda C and LaPointe MS:  "Development of Therapeutic Agents."   Ed., Rose, Jonathan T., Gold
Standard" Animal Models
.  Wiley Press (forthcoming).

Valles P, LaPointe MS, Wysocki J, and Batlle D.  “Kidney vacuolar H+-ATPase: Physiology and Regulation.”  Seminars in Nephrology  26(5):361-374, 2006.


Xiaoqing Diana Lin, Department of History, Associate professor

“Chinese Philosophy as an Academic Discipline at Peking, Yenching and Tsinghua Universities,” in John Makeham, ed., The Formation and Development of Academic Disciplines in 20th Century China (Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, forthcoming).


Anja Matwijkiw, Department: History & Philosophy, Associate Professor

“Revenge as an Implicit Criterion of Testability: The Case of the Chicago Principles.Fighting Impunity  and Promoting International Justice  (Istituto Superiore Internazionale di Scienze Criminali (ISISC) (The International Institute of higher Studies in Criminal Sciences, a non-governmental organization in consultative status with ECOSOC and the Council of Europe) (forthcoming, 2009).

“The No Impunity Policy in International Criminal Law: Justice versus Revenge.”  International Criminal Law Review 9 (2009), 1-37.

“A Modern Perspective on International Criminal Law: Accountability as a Meta-Right,” with Bronik Matwijkiw. The Theory and Practice of International Criminal Law: Essays in Honor of M. Cherif Bassiouni, eds., Leila N. Sadat & Michael P. Scharf.  Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, the Netherlands, 2008. Pp. 19-79.

“Human Needs and Economic Justice: The Case against Realism.” Nordic Journal of Human Rights 26 (2008), 279-301.

“The Way Forward in Northwest Indiana: Ethics as a Vehicle for Urban Renewa,” with Bronik Matwijkiw. The South Shore Journal 2 (2007). 91-116.

“Revenge and Humanity: The Case of the Failed State.” The Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence 6(II) (2007), 1679-1698.

“The Reverse Revenge Norm in International Law.” Revue Internationale de Droit Pénal 78 (2007), 565-599.

“Making Sense of the Right to Truth in Educational Ethics: Toward a Theory and Practice that Protect the Fundamental Interests of Adolescent Students,” with Willie Mack. Intercultural Human Rights Law Review 2 (2007), 329-424. 

“The Right to Accountability: A General Jurisprudence Approach to International Criminal Law. The Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence 5(I) (2006), 309-332.


John R. Morris, Department of Physics, Professor

De Leon, N. and J.R. Morris, "Reflection and Transmission at Dimensional Boundaries." Physical Review D 74, 045033 (2006) [hep-th/0608113]

"Generalized Dilaton-Maxwell Cosmic String and Wall Solutions." Physics Letters B641, 1-5 (2006) [hep-th/0608101]


Bob Mucci, Department of Sociology/Anthropology, Associate Professor

Mucci, RJ. (2007).  “Let them Eat Bugs.” Anthropology News December:, 23-24.


Ana Osan, Department of Modern Languages, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Translation of Léopold Senghor's poem, "Femme noire.''  African American Review 42:3 (forthcoming).

"El otro lado de la historia de la tribu: El poema largo y las poetas españolas del siglo XX,"  El español, baluarte del humanismo: Literatura, lengua y cultura, eds., Jorge H. Valdivieso and Teresa Valdisviseo. Phoenix: Editorial Orbis, forthcoming, 2009.

Nuevas historias de la tribu.  El poema largo y las poetas españolas del siglo XX.  New York: Peter Lang, 2007.

“Penelope Unravels,” in Angels of poetry.  Celebrating 30 Years of BOA Editions, Ltd. Ana Valverde Osan, trans.  New York: BOA Editions, Ltd., 2006.


Scooter Pégram , Department of Modern Languages, Assistant Professor

“Dancing their way into English: Language Preservation and Language Shift among Latina Females in Northwest Indiana.” Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences  Edition 13, Volume 1 (2008), 107-115.

Pégram, Scooter and John Gunn.  “Hey, Hey, Hey (yo): The Real Fat Albert Speaks Ebonics (and He ain’t no Knuckehead).” Mohamed, Theresa, ed.  Essays in Response to Bill Cosby’s Comments about African-American Failure.  Lewiston: Mellen Press, 2007. Pp. 79-102.


Julie R. Peller, Department of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Peller, Julie R., Mezyk, Stephen P., Cooper, William J.  Bisphenol A Reactions with the Hydroxyl Radical:  Diverse Pathways Determined between Deionized Water and Tertiary Treated Wastewater Solutions, Research on Chemical Intermediates, January 2009.

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Julie R. Peller, Richard L. Whitman, Scott Griffith, Patricia Harris, Cassie Peller, Joanne Scalzitti;  TiO2 as a Photocatalyst for Control of the Aquatic Invasive Alga, Cladophora, Under Natural and Artificial Light; Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A:  Chemistry, 2007, 186, 212-217. 


Jerry B. Pierce, Department of History, Assistant Professor

“Great Ambiguity: Traditional Masculinity (or the lack thereof) in Oliver Stone’s Alexander”, Journal of the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences (forthcoming).

“Pleasure or Piety: The Franciscans, the Order of Apostles, and Spiritual Identity, 1260-1300” in Textual Pleasure in the Middle Ages: A Casebook, eds., Scott D. Troyan and Robin Hass Birky (forthcoming).


Stephanie Shanks-Meile, Department of Sociology, Professor

"White Separatism in the United States: Framing of Love and Hate," with Betty A. Dobratz and Lisa Waldner.  Ed.,  Akis Kalaitzidis. AITNER Publications, Greece (forthcoming). 

"The Strategy of White Separatism" (with Betty Dobratz). Journal of Political and Military Sociology 34:1  (2006), 49-79.


Jerry R. Taylor, Department of Performing Arts, Professor

“Death of a Salesman” Director – October 2008

“Charlotte’s Web” Director – April, 2008

“On the Verge” Director – October 2007

“Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp” Director – April 2007


K. Vinodgopal, Department of Chemistry, Professor

K. Vinodgopal, Yuanhua He, Muthupandian Ashokkumar and Franz Grieser, “Sonochemically Prepared Platinum-Ruthenium Bimetallic  Nanoparticles”,  J. Phys. Chem B., 2006, 110, 3849-3852

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Christopher Young, Department of History, Assistant Professor

"An American Founder's Dream: Using Benjamin Rush's Subconscious as an Introduction to the Study of History." Teaching History: A Journal of Methods (Forthcoming)

Guest Editor, Illinois Heritage: A Publication of the Illinois State Historical Society, Vol. 10. No. 3 (May-June 2007).


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