Articles are published in refereed journals

William Allegrezza, Department of English, Lecturer

Temporal Nomads.  Espoo, Finland: xPress(ed), forthcoming in 2003.


Alan P. Barr, Department of English, Professor

“How all Occasions do inform: “Household Matters” and Domestic Vignettes in George Meredith’s Modern Love.” Forthcoming in Victorian Poetry.  

“The Borders of Time, Place, and People in John Sayles’s Lone Star.” Journal of American Studies 37 (2003), 365-74.


George Bodmer, Department of English, Professor

"Arthur Hughes, Walter Crane, and Maurice Sendak: The Picture as Literary Fairy Tale." Marvels and Tales: Journal of Fairy Tale Studies XVII: No. 1 (Winter 2003), 120-37.


Carol L. Castaneda (Vanderlugt), Department of Biology, Assistant Professor

Bradley E Theien, Carol L Castaneda-Vanderlugt, Cheryl Nickerson-Nutter, Mark Cornebise, Daniel M Scott, Stuart J Perper, Eric T Whalley, and Stephen D Miller.  “Differential effects of treatment with a small molecule anti-VLA-4 antagonist before and after onset of relapsing EAE.”  Blood First Edition Paper, prepublished online August 21, 2003.


Fred Chary, Department of History and Philosophy, Professor

“ Boris III” in Bernd Fischer, ed. Balkan Tyrants (in press).


Frank Caucci, Department of Modern Languages, Professor

Nancy Huston: Essays on Her Work. (Forthcoming, 2003).


Ronald D. Cohen, Department of History, Professor Emeritus

Ed.  Alan Lomax: Selected Writings, 1934-1995. N.Y.: Routledge, 2003.

Cohen, Ronald and Robert Lichtman. Deadly Farce: Harvey Matusow and the Workings ofthe Informer System in the McCarthy Era.  Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2004.

Cohen, Ronald and David Bonner, Golden. Threads: An Illustrated History of Folk Music in the United States, 1900-1970. N.Y.: The Folk Music Museum in Greenwich Village, forthcoming 2003.


Spencer Cortwright, Department of Biology, Associate Professor

Mierzwa, K. S. A. Cortwright, D. A. Beamer .  In press.  “Amphibians and Reptiles of the Grand Calumet River Basin.” Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 108:000-000.


Deana Farris-Peltz, Department of Performing Arts, Assistant Professor
        Costume designer for the following theatrical productions at IUN:

University, Feb. 16-17, 2003

The Sleeping Beauty, April 12-13, 2003

Cole, June 26-29, 2003


Timothy G. Fisher, Department of Geosciences, Associate Professor

Fisher, T.G. "Geology of the Grand Calumet River Region." Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science (in press).

Fisher, T.G., L.D. Taylor, and H.M. Jol. "Boulder-Gravel Hummocks and Basal Till Wavy Contacts: Products of Subglacial Meltwater Flow beneath the Saginaw Lobe, South-Central Michigan, U.S.A." Boreas (accepted).


Tanice G. Foltz, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Associate Professor of Sociology, Adjunct Associate Professor of Women’s Studies

“Drumming and Re-enchantment: Creating Spiritual Community.”  Popular Spiritualities: The Politics of Contemporary Enchantment. Eds., Lynne Hume and Kathleen McPhillips. Hampshire. U. K.: Ashgate Press. Forthcoming.

“Women, Drumming and Community: An Exploratory Study.” Pp. 100-109 in The Journal of the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences. Vol7 (2003), 100-109.


Kevin Kennedy, Department of Biology, Lecturer

W.J. Karpus, B.T. Fife, and K.J. Kennedy.  2003.  “Immunoneutralization of chemokines  for the prevention and treatment of central nervous system autoimmune disease.”  Methods Volume 29, Number 4, 362-368.


Vesna Kilibarda, Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

“Coset Decomposition of Positively Self-Conjugate Inverse Submonoids of Polycyclic Monoids.” Semigroup Forum 66: (2003), 151—61.


David Klamen, Professor, Department of Art
        Selected Solo Exhibitions

Haines Gallery, San Francisco, 2003

Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago,  2003


Adrienne Kochman, Department of Fine Arts, Assistant Professor

“The Permanent Collection of the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art,” in UIMA, Chicago, IL.  The Permanent Collection, accepted, forthcoming in 2003 or 2004.


James B. Lane, Department of History, Professor

Lane, Jamesand Ronald Cohen.  Gary: A Pictorial History.  Virginia Beach, Va.: Donning Co., l983. Revised 2003.

Ed., Age of Anxiety: Daily Life in the Calumet Region during the Postwar Years, 1945-53Steel Shavings (vol. 34, 2003).        


Xiaoqing Diana Lin, Department of History, Assistant professor

Peking University: Chinese Scholarship and Intellectuals, 1898-1937.  Albany: State University of New York Press (forthcoming). 


Patricia Lorimer Lundberg, Department:  English, Associate Professor of English and Women's Studies; Executive Director, Center for Cultural Discovery and Learning 

"An Inward Necessity": The Writer's Life of Lucas Malet. N. Y., London: Peter Lang Publishers, 2003.

George D. Lundberg, MD and Patricia Lorimer Lundberg. "Web-Enabled Medicine" Health Information Management Systems, Third Edition, Ed. Marion Ball, Charlotte Weaver, and Joan Kiel. Heidelberg, New York: Springer-Verlag, forthcoming, spring 2004.


Anja Matwijkiw, Department: History & Philosophy, Assistant Professor

“Human Needs and Economic Justice.”  Justice and the Global Economy.  Eds., Richard Nunan and Carol Gould.  Lexington: Rowman & Littlefield, forthcoming 2004


Lori Montalbano-Phelps, Department of Communication, Assistant Professor

“Discourse of Survival: Building Families Free of Unhealthy Relationships”. Journal of Family Communication 3 (2003), 149-77.


John R. Morris, Department of Physics, Professor

E.I. Guendelman and J.R. Morris "Gauged Dimension Bubbles." Physical Review D 68, 045008 (2003)  [hep-th/0307012].

“Domain Bubbles of Extra Dimensions.” Physical Review D 67, 025005 (2003)  [hep-th/0211175]


Cynthia O’Dell, Department of WOST and Psychology, Associate Professor

"Adolescence:  Sexuality.” Psychology, T. Irons-Georges, ed. CA:  Salem Press, 2003.  Pp. 48-52.

Hoyert, M.S. and O’Dell, C.D. “Achievement Motivation.” Psychology. T. Irons-Georges, ed. CA:  Salem Press, 2003.  Pp. 26-29.

“Depth and Motion Perception.”  In T. Psychology, T. Irons George, ed.  CA:  Salem Press, 2003.  Pp. 498-502.


Ana Osan, Department of Modern Languages, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Translated. Itaca, by Francisca Aguirre.  Rochester, New York:  BOA Editions, forthcoming, Fall 2004.

Translation of Carmen Borja's poems in The Other Poetry of Barcelona: Spanish and Spanish-American Women Poets.  Ed. Carlota Caulfield. Oakland, CA: Corner, an imprint of InteliBooks, 2004.


Julie R. Peller, Department of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Lecturer

K. Vinodgopal and Julie Peller; “Hydroxyl Radical Mediated Advanced Oxidation Processes for Textile Dyes: A Comparison of the Radiolytic and Sonolytic Degradation of the Monoazo Dye, Acid Orange 7.” Research in Chemical Intermediates, 2003, in press.

Julie Peller, Olaf Wiest*, and Prashant V. Kamat. “Mechanism of HydroxylRadical-Induced Breakdown of the Herbicide 2, 4- DichlorophenoxyaceticAcid (2, 4-D).”  European Journal of Chemistry, 2003, in press.

Julie Peller, Olaf Wiest*, and Prashant V. Kamat; “Synergy of Combining Sonolysis and Photocatalysis in the Degradation and Mineralization of Chlorinated Aromatic Compounds.” Environmental Science and Technology 2003; 37(9); 1926-1932.


Mary Harris Russell, Department of English, Professor

“Ethical Plots, Ethical Endings in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Material.”  Foundations 32:88 (Summer, 2003), 68-75.


Stephanie Shanks-Meile, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Shanks_Meile, S., Betty A. Dobratz and Danelle Fowler. “Terrorism or Tyranny: What Happened on Ruby Ridge?”  Symbolic Interaction 26:2 (2003), 315-42.


Danille Taylor-Guthrie, Department of Minority Studies, Associate Professor

Curator.  What is Black Art? Metal- Richard Hunt, Paper – Jo Ann Scott, Clay – Marva Jolly.  Indiana University Museum of Contemporary Art, Feb. 2003.


Jerry R. Taylor, Department of Performing Arts, Rank: Professor
        Selected Performances/Designs:

"University" Director - February 2003


K. Vinodgopal, Department of Chemistry, Professor

K. Vinodgopal and Julie Peller, “Hydroxyl Radical Mediated Advanced Oxidation Processes for Textile Dyes: A Comparison of the Radiolytic and Sonolytic Degradation of the Monoazo Dye, Acid Orange 7. “  Research in Chemical Intermediates, 2003, 29, 307-316.

K. Vinodgopal, Vaidyanathan Subramanian, Sheila Carrasquillo and Prashant V. Kamat, "Electrophoretic Assembly of Naturally Occurring Humic Substances as Thin Films"  Environmental Science & Technology. 2003, 37, 761-765.


Roberta Wollons, Department of History and Philosophy, Professor

"Traveling for God and Adventure: Women Missionaries in the Late l9th Century." Ed., Srilata Ravi, Southeast Asian Journal of Social Sciences 31 (2003), 55-71.


Marty E. Zusman, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Professor

 Zusman, M. E., J. Gescheidler, D. Knox and K. McGinty.  “Dating Manners Among College Students.”  Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences.  7 (2003), 28-32.

Knox, D., K. McGinty and M. E. Zusman.  “Nonverbal and Verbal Communications in 'Informed' and 'Casual' Relationships Among College Students.” College Student Journal 37 (2003),  68-71.

Knox, D., A. Kubler, K. McGinty and  M. E. Zusman.  “Weddings:  Some Data on College Studetn Perceptions.”   College Student Journal 37(2003), 197-200.


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