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iun chemistry

Courses for A.C.S. Degree (B.S. or B.A.)

These degree programs are designed primarily for students planning to go on to graduate school or preparing for careers as industrial chemists. The American Chemical Society certifies these IU Northwest programs. Graduates of these programs will be recommended to the American Chemical Society as having fulfilled requirements of the ACS Committee on Professional Training. The B.S. degree emphasizes science courses as major requirements outside of the major required core; the B.A. emphasizes non-science courses outside of the required major core. The B.S. is set up to enable the student to easily obtain a minor in a related area (see the following).

Minimum Degree: Students not receiving the Professional (A.C.S.) degree are encouraged to take as many chemistry courses as possible above the minimum to enhance their professional skills and employment possibilities.

For More information, visit the Chemistry page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.