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Greetings from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Business and Economics. We are a regional business school in the Indiana University System. We are proud to be the only public institution in northwest Indiana to bear the quality marker of the accreditation by AACSB International, the premier accrediting agency for business schools. We invite you to meet our students, faculty, administrators, and to read about the value added learning the School offers to students.

The focus areas in our business degrees include Teamwork, Leadership and Technology. We are committed to a quality education and enable you to develop important leadership skills for business success, utilizing teamwork projects, internships, sophisticated business simulations, and applied learning experiences. We teach financial management on a simulated trading floor. Students have the opportunity to conduct research with the School's faculty and to study abroad. We believe in community engagement and offer you learning opportunities to serve a social mission through small business projects, service learning projects, and tax preparation projects for low income families and the elderly.

We prepare you for business success and link classroom learning with the practice of business throughout northwest Indiana. We develop special projects in which a team of students guided by faculty look for ways to improve a local business. We provide personal assessment to enhance student skill development. We provide networking opportunities for students with local businesses and alumni at a variety of events. These learning experiences offer students an opportunity to network with employers and discuss job and internship opportunities with northwest Indiana companies. Students can find good career opportunities and regional companies. We encourage and assist students to be their best when working with executives and managers in these learning situations. These encounters can lead to the first job.

Our faculty enjoy teaching and guiding student learning. They are good at it. They have won awards and grants from the campus and the IU system to enhance their teaching and grow their expertise in their field. The School's faculty takes great pride in fostering the success and accomplishments of students.

Faculty support the economic development of northwest Indiana. Faculty have used their expertise and research to assist a local city with its branding, provide management development assistance to steel companies and to provide economic outlooks to local newspaper and community groups. Faculty look for ways for students to participate in applied real world projects, where they can apply their knowledge to regional and national industry situations.

As you browse this website, you will see the exciting education opportunities the School of Business and Economics provides for students.


Anna S. Rominger, J.D.

Anna S. Rominger, J.D.