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iun bursar
  • If you prefer to pay your tuition and fees in installments instead of one lump sum, we offer several payment plans (personal deferments) to fit your needs. You can pay your bursar bill in two, three, or four payments.  The number of payments available to you will depend on when you register for classes.  Payment due dates are determined for each semester.

    A detailed breakdown of the plans are provided in the "Payment Plan" tab, but, if eligible, your account statement will include a notation of the minimum amount due to participate in a personal deferment/payment plan. In order to participate in a payment plan (personal deferment), you must pay the minimum amount due. The minimum payment consists of 25% of your balance for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. There is a a $15.00 non-refundable personal deferment service charge for each installment.

  • Payment plan (personal deferment) guidelines include:

    • Current balance of at least $450
    • Initial payment received by the payment due dates (see the "Cost and Deadlines" tab)
    • Minimum payment paid by each due date listed on your bills

    Payment plans are available only to students who maintain a favorable credit history. If eligible, the minimum amount calculation will appear on the account statement.

    Students who do not qualify for a playment plan (personal deferment) are those who:

    • have a balance of less than $450.00
    • have not honored the terms of a previous contract
    • have an unfavorable university financial record, including but not limited to a history of bad checks or returned items on campus, a poor loan status with any department, or any prior obligation remaining unpaid

    Payments can be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Novus/Discover) online (a 2.75% convenience fee will apply), ACH online at or check, money order, cashier check or cash in person at the Office of Student Accounts, Hawthorn Hall, room 109.

    The payments will be due as billed for each plan. You may either pay an additional installment or pay your balance in full at each installment due date, with the final payment being due in full.  (The value of installments will be calculated and appear on the billing for eligible students.) A payment received that is less than or greater than the required minimum payment will be treated as a personal deferment payment and the personal deferment plan will be invoked. The service charge will be applied to your account. The only way to reduce your total obligation is to officially withdraw from classes during the appropriate refund period.

    If you make a schedule adjustments prior to the due date, the minimum amount must be recalculated by a Student Account Representative if you wish to participate in this plan. Any refunds resulting from dropped classes during the refund period will be credited to your outstanding personal deferment balance. Class withdrawal processed after the refund period will not result in a refund or reduction of your personal deferment balance. This means that the balance of your personal deferment will still be due and payment expected by the due date.

    Failure to make payment in full by the final due date will result in the denial of university services and may result in the assessment of late payment fees.

    All fees and dates are subject to change without notice.