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AdministrationWelcome to the January/February 2013 issue of the Administrative Council’s online Newsletter!

The general purpose of the newsletter is to update the IU Northwest community on some of the recent and planned activities/projects of the administrative units that make up Administration at IU Northwest, including Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Planning and Campus Services, Human Resources, Physical Plant, and University Police. The newsletter is produced twice a year in August/September and January/February. 

Overview of Facility-Related Projects or Activities: Summer/Fall, 2012

Many individuals within the Office of Administration have been working with the I.U. Office of University Architect and with other University and campus units, including I.T., Fiscal Affairs, and Academic Affairs, to develop plans for and to upgrade campus facilities during the Summer/Fall, 2012.

Some of the major projects or activities conducted during this period include:

Phase 2, Following the Demolition of the Old Tamarack Building

The old Tamarack building was demolished during the spring. The “Phase 2” site improvement to the demolished space began last summer and was completed in the fall of 2012. Phase 2 included basic development of the site, including laying sidewalks, planting trees and shrubs, installing lighting and a Code Blue emergency phone for safety, and developing a small addition to the Lot #2 parking area (primarily to provide appropriate space for the parking of campus buses, including shuttle buses, space for motorcycle parking, and some additional parking spots).

What We Do

The Office of Administration and its units seek to assist the academic units and others on campus by providing leadership and support for campus facilities planning; coordinating planning for capital construction, repairs and renovations; managing the operation and maintenance of campus facilities and grounds; engaging in activities that enhance the institution’s human resources and other essential campus services; and developing policies and procedures and engaging in operational activities that promote campus health, safety and security, all helping to guide campus development to give physical form to IU Northwest’s mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities.

Additional development of the site’s green space (“Phase 3”) will take place in the future. Chancellor Lowe has initiated a campus conversation as to further site development. A campus event took place in October 2012 as part of the conversation and a Green Space Committee has been working on potential site development, as well. Once the “Phase 3” site development decisions are made, Administration will work with the I.U. Office of University Architect to help move the project forward for the campus.

Raintree Hall North Patio Project

Another major campus project taking place over the fall was Phase 1 of a patio project located at the north end of Raintree Hall. The project is designed to help alleviate water buildup in the area and to allow for greater use of the space during warm weather months. Linking the new patio to the development work on the old Tamarack site, the Office of University Architect developed the design plan in 2012. The concrete work for the new patio was completed during the Fall Semester, 2012. Administration is purchasing new outdoor furniture for the patio area and new landscaping also will be added later in 2013. The project should be completed with the new furniture and landscaping in place by late spring/early summer 2013.

Tamarack Green SpaceTamarack Green Space

Sewer Lines and Lift Station Project (done in conjunction with Gary Sanitary District)

The University has been working with the Gary Sanitary District on a major sewer project that is expected to provide substantial assistance to the campus (and the surrounding neighborhood) with the removal of storm water during heavy rains.

The first phase of the project included the installation of new sewer lines down Connecticut from Ridge Road to the Little Calumet River and the construction of a new pumping station near Connecticut at 33rd Ave. Phase one of the project also included the construction of lines under Broadway along 33rd and 35th. Phase 2 of the project will include connecting with the new sewer lines W of 33rd and 35th to serve the main campus. The University has retained an engineering firm to develop a project design that will best allow it to connect to the new sewer.

Upgrade to Food Service Facilities

Phase I in a planned multi-phase upgrade to facilities used for campus food services began this summer and was substantially completed by the end of 2012. Phase I included infrastructure upgrades to the plumbing and electrical systems and the installation of some new equipment at the RedHawk Café in Moraine and the Little RedHawk Café, located in the John W. Anderson Library Conference Center.

Additional work is expected to occur over the next two summers, including project work within the cafeteria kitchen and serving areas. The project results from a feasibility study for remodeling the campus cafeteria conducted in the spring 2012.

Portage University Center

Assisting Academic Affairs, and working with AA, IT, University Real Estate and others, individuals within Administration have helped to develop the lease for and to transition classes from the former Portage Commons site location to a new academic site located at 6260 Central Avenue, Portage. The new 30,000+ square-foot facility offers a great venue for course offerings.

For details and a picture of the new site building, please see the campus press release available at:

Raintree HVAC Plumbing Replacement

Individuals in Administration have been working with the University Architect’s Office on a major campus project involving the replacement of piping in Raintree Hall. Replacing ceiling and lighting on the first floor of RH is part of the project’s scope. Bids have been reviewed and a bidder awarded. The plan is to begin project construction as soon as the Spring Semester, 2013 ends.

Examples of Other, Facility-Related Projects

A number of smaller facility-related projects or planning activities involving Administration personnel (along with others) took place over the last months, including, for example:

  • During 2012, new furniture and carpeting were installed within the John W. Anderson Library/Conference Center’s conference room 140A. Additional carpeting projects are planned for a few campus locations in the near future, assuming funding availability.
  • Various floor and ceiling repairs and painting projects occurred and, in Marram Hall, fan repairs/VFD replacements took place.
  • Broken classroom furniture will be replaced in Marram rooms 111,115,119, and 123. Also, assuming available funding, Administration will seek to replace some furniture in Savannah.
  • New building office directories were placed in Hawthorn Hall (these allow for easy information updates). Eventually, the new directories will be placed throughout campus buildings. In addition, Administration is working with the I.U. Office of Emergency Management and Business Continuity to acquire specific addresses for campus buildings (beyond the aggregate 3400 Broadway address). The purpose of this project is to provide individualized addressing to serve external emergency management personnel, who may be called to campus in an emergency. The new addresses will eventually be displayed on new exterior building signage.
  • Design work will begin soon on a remodel for the Hawthorn Hall first-floor restrooms. Assuming funding is available, renovations may begin as early as 2013.
  • Some recently acquired university buildings that are vacant will be demolished over the next several weeks as part of a neighborhood partnership effort between IU Northwest and the City of Gary.
  • Equipment platforms and stairs will be placed soon on the Moraine Hall roof, and an ARC Flash Study of the campus electric grid is on-going. These are employee work safety projects.
  • Environmental Health & Safety assisted facility safety over the past months with safety audits of labs, conducting fire alarm testing, and identifying Emergency Action Plan building representatives and training those representatives.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The Administrative Council continually seeks input to help us with unit/program evaluation designed to improve unit efficiency and the quality of services. For example, Physical Plant has had online for some time a Customer Satisfaction Survey evaluating the response of the Physical Plant staff to work order requests: Physical Plant Customer Satisfaction Survey

Physical Plant added in 2009 an additional Customer Satisfaction Survey, which is designed to gauge the level of satisfaction of the campus community with Physical Plant Building Services: Building Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Building Services’ survey asks those completing the survey to consider their level of satisfaction based on the established Building Services’ frequency schedule for cleaning, which provides the schedule for the frequency of specific cleaning efforts on a daily, weekly, etc. basis. So that the director can determine more precisely any areas in need of improvement, the survey asks for the level of satisfaction for work done in a particular building and room on campus. However, an opportunity also exists to set out overall satisfaction and to provide suggestions and/or general comments regarding Building Services. The survey can be taken multiple times, as well, to provide input on several buildings and rooms.

Customer satisfaction surveys are also offered by the University Police and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety at: University Police Customer Satisfaction Survey and Environmental Health and Safety Customer Satisfaction Survey

Signal at 34th and Broadway/Enhanced PD Traffic Enforcement

Several individuals within Administration have met with INDOT representatives and worked with University Real Estate to assist in bringing about INDOT’s plan to construct a signal light at the busy 34th and Broadway crossing. INDOT awarded the project in October 2012 and work began soon after. The signal light was operational by the end of the calendar year.

Related to Broadway, the IU-Northwest Police Department acquired new radar detectors in 2012, and the department is actively patrolling campus streets, particularly Broadway, and encouraging campus pedestrian safety.

Broadway Light


Human Resources

FLSA Training & Job Descriptions

Training on the specifics of the Fair Labor Standards Act, including overtime and minimum wage, accurate reporting of work hours and writing new and revised job descriptions will be rescheduled for February or March 2013.  More information regarding the date and time will be announced to the campus as soon as the instructors have confirmed the date.

Leadership Development Series: January, 3013 - July 2013

Leadership training for Deans and Directors began January 2013. This training covers a variety of topics including communications, coaching, accountability, and influence in action, engaging and involving employees and leadership and policies. The training will end with a ceremony of completion in July. This training will be extended to supervisors either in the fall of 2013 or spring 2013.

Review of Service Maintenance Jobs

The university wide project to review and standardize all service maintenance positions across all campuses is near completion. Job specifications for all positions have been revised and other components of the wage structure and policies are nearly finished. More will be announced to the campus when the project is finalized.

IU Northwest Police Department

Employee Recognition Awards Program

As was announced in December, a committee has been working on making a presentation to leadership for a reformed Employee Recognition Awards program for all full time staff employees. Please look for the announcement about the new program.

Performance Management Reviews

A reminder that the Performance Management reviews for the performance year 2012 are due February 28. Please be sure to complete and discuss the reviews with employees and submit a completed and signed copy to the HR Department.

A new form will be used for performance year 2013 and will be presented to supervisors during informational meetings held on February 6. Please contact Crystal O’Brien at to sign up for one of these sessions, the times are 9:00-10:00 am, 10:30-11:30 am and 3:00-4:00 pm. The new form will be in use this year to begin the process.

Citizens' Police Academy

The IUPD Northwest is presenting a Citizens’ Police Academy, January 15 – March 26, 2013.  The academy is a joint effort by the IUPD and the City of Gary Police Department.

The free, ten-week academy “is designed in the hopes that both the community and law enforcement learn through each other in this two-way learning experience.”  Through the academy sessions, citizens will develop "a working knowledge of their local police departments and law-enforcement activities.” 

Citizens Police Academy Press Conference                                                                                          Citizens' Police Academy Press Conference

Sgt. Wayne James Promoted to Rank of Lieutenant

Chief Patricia Nowak writes: "On January 2, 2013 Wayne James was promoted to Lieutenant. His outstanding work and leadership abilities has made this a natural transition. Lt. James has received multiple awards through the years, including receiving a purple heart for saving a man who was shot and injured. On July 13, 2011, Lt. James pulled the man to safety even when gun shot rounds continued. He and other Indiana University and Gary officers located and arrested the suspect."

"Lt. James is an excellent choice for this important leadership and high command role."

Pictured Below:  Jerry Minger, IU Director of Public Safety, and Lt. Wayne James 

Lt. Wayne James



Emergency Preparedness

IUPD Northwest Participates in the ‘If You See Something, Say Something™’ National Safety Program

The program promotes the following:

  • Be alert, and always trust your instincts.
  • Avoid walking alone at night. Students, faculty and staff members may call (219) 980-6501 Phone Logo for police escorts to their vehicles.
  • Park your car in well-lit areas and keep it locked.
  • Do not leave purses, cell phones, computers, or other valuables in your vehicle or unattended in unlocked offices.
  • If you must work or study alone in an isolated area, lock the doors and tell a friend or the police department where you are and when you plan to leave.
  • Do not be afraid to be impolite or make a scene if you feel threatened. This is especially important if someone you know threatens or attacks you.
  • Promptly report: crime, suspicious activity, obscene, annoying, or harassing calls or emails; or security-related maintenance problems.
  • When using personal or campus computers, observe the following Internet precautions: check settings, passcode lock your devices and be cautious when using unsecured WiFi.

Please review and consider bookmarking the Indiana University and I.U. Northwest emergency preparedness websites:

I.U. Northwest
Indiana University

Update Your “IU Notify” Contact Information: Please remember to update your contact information for IU-Notify through to stay informed in case of an
emergency. Go to the "Notifications" section of and then click "IU-Notify." You can also select to receive notices for other IU campuses, as well.