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iun academic success
  • SI leaders are required to attend the SI course and facilitate two study sessions per week.The goal of the SI leader is to encourage learning for all students in the class and they are trained to use appropriate methodology.Data shows that SI participants tend to receive a better grade in the course than nonparticipants. **SI leaders are not TAs and they are not to proctor exams or do any grading for their SI class.
  • Contact the SRP Office to determine whether your course is eligible for an SI leader. Courses that typically offer SI are introductory level courses that have a high DFW rate
  • Contact the SRP office.Students must fill out an application and attend an interview.
    • 3.0 overall GPA
    • Received an A or A-in the SI course
    • Should be a sophomore or above
    • Instructor recommendation
    • Must be available to attend SI training
    • Must be available to attend the SI course
  • Yes SI leaders receive $8.25 per hour for their work. They are paid for attending the SI course, running the SI sessions, preparing for the sessions, and for their attendance at training and meetings.

  • At least one month prior to the start of the new semester

  • Limited SI is offered; please contact the SRP office if interested