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Critical Literacy

The Critical Literacy Program (CLP) is a student success program. Students in the CLP take courses in critical reading, writing and study skills, all leading to future success at IU Northwest. Students can implement the skills they learn as participants in the CLP in all aspects of their education.
In addition to the academic features, CLP faculty and staff help students learn about their campus and all of the resources available. Students who have been successful in the CLP serve as mentors and work with students in the classroom, meet one-on-one and in groups, in addition to offering study and review sessions. 

Critical Literacy


Students admitted to the Critical Literacy Program will have to complete the following curriculum with a “C” or better in each course.

  • X151-Reading & Learning Techniques II
  • X157-Keys for Academic Success
  • Required writing course, either W130, W131 or a math class

X 151 Reading and Learning Techniques II
This course will help students develop higher levels of reading skills through instruction and practice in critical reading along with other basic college skills.

X157 Key Strategies for Academic Success
Increase your potential for success in college by learning and using the skills necessary for college success. Topics in this course include time management, learning styles, test taking, note taking and study techniques.

Program Mentors  

Program Mentors

Students who participate in the  Critical Literacy Program are assigned mentors.  Mentors are students who have successfully completed the Critical Literacy Program and have received a faculty recommendation to be a mentor. 


  • Attend X 151 - Reading and Learning Techniques
  • Share their experiences with new students
  • Offer study sessions
  • Meet with students individually
  • Help students learn to navigate the IU Northwest system